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Team Taser Holiday Sampler

29 Dec

The footage from this video takes place over the span of 4 days.


The More Burning Hotels, The Better.

27 Dec

It’s really hard to explain how incredibly entertaining the boys from The Burning Hotels are.  On stage it’s completely obvious how effing cool and tallented these guys are but off stage is a different story.  I really cherish every time I’m fortunate enought to have a run-in with them (heaven forbid there’s more than one of them in the same room,)  BECAUSE IT’S SOOO DAMN FUNNY!!!  Not only that but they’re the coolest, nicest guys ever!

I ran into Matt, Chance and Wyatt Christmas Night at 7th Haven the other night and Wyatt informed me of his new green Screen … What he’s going to do with it, who knows!  But I’m sure it will be ridiculously awesome!

The next day I was stoked when Chance posted another video segment from the recording studio.

As if The Hotels being in the studio isn’t exciting enough, they will be making their silver screen debut in Bandslam, Directed by Todd Graff and Starring Vanessa Hudgins and Lisa Kudrow, which will hit theatres July 31st, 2009.  Unfortunately there is barely any info (trailers, posters, pictures) online so maybe it will be a myster until this summer.

Keep up the good work Hotels!

Royal Blood

22 Dec

This picture series is pretty amazing.  The artist name is Erwin Olaf.  He’s got some really impressive Photography series.  Check them all out Here.

ccaa6785441b209f5d7cbc638297e1ccThese Next two are my favorites.


Guess who …


Ronald Jenkees: What a Nice Guy.

18 Dec

I’ve just spent the past hour on youtube watching an artist named Ronald Jenkees.  This guy is amazing.  100% entertainment.  I could watch him play the keyboard for another hour at least.  The way he executes note after note is so quick and flawless.  Upon introducing the song he’s about to perform he’ll definitely let you know how his new cd is coming and how much he appreciates all the comments left on his youtube video pages.  The thing about this guy is his personality and his dialect are just as charming and original as his performances and his orchestration.  I am just so suprised that no labels or heavier hitting artists have picked him up yet.  Watch this first video as an example of how amazing he plays.

Pretty good huh?  Now watch this second video and listen to how quirky and awesome he sounds!  What a nice guy.  I’ll bet meeting/jamming with him is nothing less than pleasant.


16 Dec

Found this short film on yayeveryday.  It’s a great story and done pretty well.  The story will just make you smile.  It’s a little long but totally worth it.

(also go check out, it’s  a really fun site and a great way to spend the time you’re supposed to be “working.”)


Free Beats

12 Dec

I found this on yay! I think you’ll enjoy this.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Team Taser

8 Dec

This happens around this time every year.  Team Summer, the leaders in leisurely summertime activities, are starting to feel the cabin fever of constantly being indoors due to the seasonal un-summer weather.  Apparently, there is no such thing as a “bad idea” indoors to these maroons.  If you ever feel like coming over to Fort Tits and putting a little “pep” in your step just let me know.  We’ll Keep the Taser on For you.


(It’s safe to say you can probably expect a weekly Team Taser video.)