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“Wipe That Shit Up. (Optimus Prime Can’t Even Tear This Shit Up.)”

30 Jan

Thank you.  Thank you so much to Philip for showing these to me today.


Dumont Dunes, Nevada

27 Jan

Luke just sent me an email with a few pictures from his weekend.  They were taken at Dumont Dunes, about 2 hours outside Las Vegas.

These pictures are pretty amazing!  To see more great photography go to Luke’s site Here!





Two Pup Posts in One Day!

26 Jan

I came across this Gem on

I hope you enjoy this at least half as much as I did!

These Puppies Need Homes!

26 Jan

If you haven’t been to Fort Tits in a few months then you might not know about the 7 bundles of bad-ass that we have living in the downstairs of the  house.  Puppies!!!  That’s right, we’ve got 7 that need good loving homes.  Rachel and I will be spending the next few weeks looking for loving homes for these rascals.  They’re 7 weeks old as of yesterday so Stephanie will be taking them to the vet soon to make sure they have all of their appropriate shots and what not.  All seven pups have such strong/entertaining personalities already.  Such little fuzzy lovies!

If you have any questions about the pups or might be interested in giving one a loving home, where they will get all of the attention they deserve, Please contact me throught this blog!


The Mama is Labrador/Chow and the Dad is Labrador/Boxer.  Most of the  puppies resemble their dad, but 2 of them are darker and have longer hair resembling their mama.  All of them are incredibly good looking!

***None of these puppies will be skull fucked or eaten under our supervision.  We just have Poor vocabulary’s and Terrible senses of humor.

Another Blog About a Blog …

24 Jan

So I found another blog that I can invest more of my precious time into, and it’s author is a pretty neat dude!!!  Ryan Wood, my buddy and yours keeps us up to date on the latest in:


Manhattan Skyline Photography (Ryan, I want a copy of “From the top of the ESB, part I: Now Renting”  printed out to hang on my wall.)

Current Events

And also this guy:

So go to right now!

This Made My Day:

21 Jan

Two of my favorite performers in one video.  Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog.  This morning I purchased Steve Martin’s Biography Born Standing Up.  I’ve had the book for 2 hours and I’m already finished 1/4 of it.  I love that.




20 Jan

Saturday, after a day of scenic scooter rides and go-kart races, we came home and decided to build a ramp … why the hell not?!