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A Blog About A Blog …

19 Jan

A few days ago I realised that my girlfriend had started a blog and published several entries without me knowing.  This prototype blog was kind of a piece of shit so I offered my services and helped her obtain a new and improved blog!

This is quite possibly the most riveting blog I’ve had the pleasure of reading!!!  It addresses all sorts of topics, such as:  Things That She Has Purchased For Me, Dates I’ve Taken Her On, Dates She’s Taken Me On and How Cool Her Boyfriend Is.  I will never stop reading this blog.

I’m not being sarcastic by the way, Chelsea’s blog is really cool.  She’ll do a better job of keeping you up to date with everyone’s adventures/shenannigans than I will, so go give  it a look!  Just Click Here!

Also, More videos from this weekend coming soon!  But for now, Enjoy this:

I’d Hire The Guy!

14 Jan

This is pretty effing good.

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These Rule’s RULE!

14 Jan

OK, so about a week ago Philip discovered a really great blog that I haven’t been able to stop reading.  Ever since He posted it on Centre’s Blog I will spend atleast a half hour daily going back and looking through all of these Rules For My Unborn Son.


Seriously, This site makes me want to go explore a creek or build a soap box derby and listen to Dean Martin.  I want to get into a school yard fight then go home, wash up, throw on some smart trousers and sit down for dinner, conducting myself with the best table manners like a true proper boy!  My favorites are the rules that remind me of something my dad would have actually said, and he emphasizes a few rules Mom would agree with as well.

As soon as this guy hits 1,001 rules I’d be surprised if he wasn’t offered a publishing deal, (I’d totally buy this book!)

I highly suggest you read through at least a few of the pages.  The required listening posts are pretty fantastic too!

I Believe It To Be True …

13 Jan

This post is Short and Sweet!  I recieved this comment about two hours into my work day …


Hopefully everyone’s day is just as successful and Justin’s.

Mexico City 3003.

9 Jan

If I haven’t told you already, I recently purchased a 1984 Honda Passport.

Warning, I will be absolutely Infatuated with this machine for quite some time.  If you don’t want to hear about it (you’re an idiot,) then you might want to take off of your bookmarks.

After 3 weeks of searching, Luke and Andrea helped me pick out the perfect scooter for it’s inexpensive economical ride and reliability.  Cosmetically it’s going to be quite the project!  I can’t wait to learn about all the working parts from top to bottom, inside out.  I will start by replacing the tires and inner tubes this weekend.  I will  be documenting eveything I do to M.C.3K3 (What a bad ass acronym!!!!!)  SO STAY TUNED!!!

dsc01373Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you “Mexico City 3003!”

You’re An Idiot For Not Having One …

8 Jan

If you didn’t already know, We here at the shop released our firts Official Centre Tee.  We collaborated with Can Cloth Clothing and the end result is nothing less than TOTALLY BAD ASS!!!  Philip and Hance took their time brainstorming and constructing this print.  (I put my two cents in at the last minute, completing the final product you see today! *James pats  himself on back*)   We printed close t0 55 Tees and less than a dozen remain in the shop.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw this print doing some really big things really soon, so hurry up and grab your before we’re out!!!


Extreme Bowling XXX(turkey)

5 Jan