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Urban Taco’s 2 Year Anniversary/Cinco De Mayo Party.

30 Apr

Urban Taco is turning 2 years old and their timing is Perfecto!  They’ll be blocking off a good portion of Mockingbird Station to have their 2nd Annual Cinco De Mayo party this Saturday May 2nd.  Last year’s event was an amazing way to spend my lunch break, with give away’s from Dos Equis, Miller and Bacardi I can’t wait to see what happens this year!

And while you’re there, don’t forget to come visit your buddy James at Centre.



10 Days:

30 Apr

Ten more days left of my “so called” 25 year old life.  I’m fine tuning all the details/plans for the birthday events.

Here’s a little hint:  Merrell and I are having a joined birthday.

If you don’t have a swim suit then get one now.

If you’re allergic to Sand or Volleyball then don’t come.

Now here are some more things I need to get on my birthday:


Swiss Army SwissFlash Alox USB



Prints of Luke Lanter’s Photography.

Stay tuned for more birthday party details!!!

The Pig Sickness:

30 Apr


Via: Centre

12 Days:

28 Apr

It’s getting closer guys!  So here’s a few things I’m adding to my 26th Birthday Wishlist!!!


the-balloon-gun-1With the Balloon Gun we can play Russian Roulette without dying.  There is a needle in one of the chambers.  This way we’ll have all the Russian Roulette practice we need for that Big Day.


The Brief Wonderous Life Of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz


Make Me Something!  (Not Kindergardners.  DO NOT GET ME A KINDERGARDENER FOR MY BIRTHDAY!)

Gaslight Anthem Tonight At The Granada

28 Apr

So about a year ago I read a review on a band called Gaslight Anthem.  I immediately looked them up, (this is weird because I don’t usually take writers opinions on music.) and I immediately got into their sound.  I don’t know what it is about this band that I like so much but for the longest time I didn’t tell anyone else about them.  They never came up in conversation until last Tuesday when my favorite sound guy (also one of my favorite humans in general,) John Eric Hernandes told me that they would be in town TONIGHT!

They’re playing tonight with Heartless Bastards and A Death In The Family (Three real bad asses from Melbourne.)

Tickets are $17 at the door and the show starts at 8pm.  Tonight is a nice night for the Granada.  See you there.

I’m Not Ticklish …

28 Apr

BUT THESE GUYS ARE!!!  (Actually I am too … )

So last week I purchased a grow kit for some Tickle Me Plants in honor of Earth Day.  Well, I planted them last Saturday afternoon and … well  just look:


(pictured from front to back:  Harvey, Casandra, James Jr., Dildo, Elliot, Chad and Tabitha.)

Not even 72 hours has gone by and these future Ticklers have breached their soil surface.  These are really fun plants, and as you can see you don’t have to wait around for weeks for them to start doing something.  They also make radical gifts.  Buy More Plants!

13 Days.

27 Apr

Less than 2 weeks and I’ll be 26.  Woo-Wee!  I got the most excellent early birthday present from Chelsea yesterday, a Rosegold oversized chronograph time piece from Michael Kors.  It’s effing radical!


Moving Forward, you still have time to buy/make me plenty-o presents.  Stay tuned to for great gift ideas!  Here’s today’s novel gift Ideas:

world_book_encyclopedia_2009_spinescape_lrgWorld Book Encyclopedia

51uxvhv1jxl_ss500_The Office Ultimate Package (that’s what she said.)

d2gallery_olympusxa2-05Olympus Xa

That’s all I have for right now.  Stay tuned for Birthday plans.