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Happy Birthday Brother

22 Dec

A HUMONGOUS Happy Birthday to the single coolest person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting:

Colin Andrew Jardine is a Legend.


17 Dec

I miss you.

New Do, And I’m Famous …

17 Dec

I have a brand new hair cut (Thanks Wyatt,) just in time to look super shnazzy for Elm Street Tattoo’s Annual Christmas party.

Also, my friend Stevie discovered me on a Blue Bell Ice Cream Box:

Leave it to somebody with a mug like that to make Ice cream creepy …

Keeping my windows open durring winter …

13 Dec

We’ve had the crappiest weather in Texas the past few weeks.  Just down right cold.  But this is why I love Texas:

It’s December …

Jello Lemon Pudding

12 Dec

So today I’m at my parents house watching my Dad for a few hours while my Mom is taking my granny “Grambo” Christmas shopping.  It’s been a pretty cool day.  Colin and Ernie and I were playing fetch in the backyard when we decided to rake the 3 months worth of dead leaves off of our families fron yard.  The only rake we could find on the premises was an antiqe rake that was the opposite of light.  I think it was a prop in a play at some point in time.  So I sent my brother Colin to Home Depot to pick up 2 of the most efficient rakes Home Depot has to offer.  Meanwhile, I stayed and made sure my dad got his medication.  It’s tough getting him to take all of his medication by himself anymore so we crush his medicine into Jello Lemon Pudding.  So I made some pudding and added my Dad’s crushed up medication, one of them being a mild sedative.  I fed him the first bite containing most of the medication and he took it swallowed then nodded in approval.  Some how, in my Dad’s own way, he made eating Jello Lemon Pudding look cool as shit.  A second bite was in order to finish off the crushed pills.  As I offered it to him he refused and insisted that I take the next bite.  It would have been rude of me not to accept and my Dad would have let me know it was. So I agreed and ate the second bite.  I finished the spoonful of Lemon Jello Pudding containing a mild sedative and we both agreed that Jello Lemon Pudding is delicious.  The End.

Old & Cold …

4 Dec

I’ve been really lame the past few weeks, very seldom will I leave my apartment.  I really miss Chuck.

But, I did paint this dastardly fellow.  What a ‘stache!