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7 Blunders of the World

26 Feb

Wealth without work

Pleasure without conscience

Knowledge without character

Commerce without morality

Science without humanity

Worship without sacrifice

Politics without principle

via; Mahatma Gandhi

More Like “Shitter Island!”

22 Feb

I didn’t like Shutter Island.  It looked amazing and the casting was great, It was also long and boring and guess what, Leo’s the crazy one on the island, (OR IS HE?????)

This movie was almost a complete waste of my time except for her:

Absolutely stunning!

An Inkling For Some Ink …

16 Feb

I really don’t like getting tattoo’s when it’s cold, but I hate having to sit outside of the swimming pool when the water’s temperature is cordial.

But, I have been wanting to get something done just for another experience and one of my Number One Home Girl’s just got several small things done and now I have to make a decision:

Is getting a tattoo of Muddy Mudskipper a bad Idea?  Colin and I think it’s the opposite of a bad idea!  What do you think?  I say “Do it James!”

The Lonely H

15 Feb

I think my only New Years Resolution, not including my 2010 LIST, Is to see more live music performances.  So far I’ve been attending at least one live show a week.  Last week, after enjoying one of my Fort Worth favorites Quaker City Night Hawks, I was introduced to The Lonely H.

I was fortunate enough to catch these Washington State natives in Fort Worth on their way to Nashville.  They will be returning to DFW this Saturday night at The Double Wide.  Do go see them with me, and check out their latest studio album Concrete Class.

Also, I think this music video is pretty awesome.


The Crash

14 Feb

This is the best Lost inspired art work I’ve seen to date.  Eric Tan knocked it off the island with this one.  I wish I could spend the money it costs to own this print.


My First Slam Dunk Contest.

13 Feb

It’s NBA All Star weekend here in Dallas and my good buddy Hance entered me in Centre’s Slam Dunk Contest.  I was kinda worried about it at first, but I just found out I’ll be competing against a girl.

The Contest will start at 3pm at Centre‘s Annx, Located next door to my old shoe shop.

I went and practiced my moves a little while ago and I only got hit in the face once with the ball.  It’s going to be a good time.

Just My Type.

12 Feb

This is really fun and quick and the execution of this website is bad ass.  Go to and find out what your font represents you.  It took me a few minutes of self examination to determine if I was one Type or another …

I am Lettres Ornees, Both bold and Whimsical.  Imagine that …

I found this site via Blerg!