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8 Feb

I found this gem while perusing one of my photo bucket accounts.  I believe I will grow an amazing beard.

these pictures were taken from the Gazelles Winter ’08 tour.  the pictures take place across the western half of America.

Poker Night.

3 Feb

Just recently had a poker night with some buddies from work.  It was a very relaxed game in that we took the time to familiarize 2 newbies in how to play Texas Hold’em.  The roster of mavericks included: Brantley, Tony Schwa, Josh Romero, Slim James and 2 dogs named Cheech and Chong.

Josh, of TheBocaLibre, got a few snippets of our poker game turned into salsa dancing.  Enjoy the video and check out!


2 Feb

I want Spring.


An Introduction: Slim James

1 Feb

I’d like you to meet Slim James;  A young Fort Worth’ian thirsty for all things awesome and good in the world.  I will be using him as a vehicle to obtain all the joy in life I have not met and he’s good at reminding me of how incredibly rich my life has become at only 26.  Stay tuned for adventures.

“Cant win.  Can’t break even.  Can’t even quit the game”  -Slim James (he’s borrowing that from his older brother.)

Shelter Island Mini Golf Championships

1 Feb

I found a kick ass roll of film that I took on a kick ass weekend in Shelter Island.


Then we went back to our estate and got hammered and danced on the diving board.