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Elgin Texas

30 Apr

Here are some pictures from my camping trip last weekend in Elgin Texas.  We mostly just walked around without shirts or shoes and drank booze and made jewelry all day, sometimes we shot fire arms.  These photograph’s were made possible by my favorite new point & Shoot Canonet.  Thanks Luke!



21 Apr

I haven’t posted any new photography in a while.


New Job

20 Apr

I want this job:


2010 Mockingbird Station Ad.

12 Apr

Kiddrae tagged along with Dallas Photographer Matt Hawthorne a few months back and put out a neat video of the Campaign Shoot.  Yours truly had his pictures taken a few times.

Look for Sheila’s boobs!

2010 Mockingbird Station Ad Campaign w/ Matt Hawthorne Photography from Kiddrae254 on Vimeo.

My Beard

12 Apr

Here’s my beard.  I’m not sure exactly when the last time I touched my beard clippers was, but don’t worry.  It won’t be anytime soon.

My goal is to grow some type of structure that can hold a bird or two in my face.


photo credit:  Josh Romero


6 Apr

I love this.  Time for summer!