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Fair Warning.

21 Aug

Tuesday, August 24th, 2009.

A Giant Dog

Will Play at J&J’s Pizza

In Denton Texas.  They Will

Make You Shake Your Ass.

9pm Till Late.

Checking In.

9 Aug

Hi.  This summer has been crazy.  This year, insane!

I’ve been outside more than ever before, and I haven’t been alone.

Here is a short video of me Icing Johnny before we went to float the Brazos River.  It’s a game us dudes have been playing.  This is probably the last video of David Osborne.  He’s the gentleman in the captain’s hat.  David drown later that evening.  He caught a breath of water that ended up taking his life.  He died at 21.  I’m still really sad about it, on top of that I was there to see it happen and I couldn’t find him when he went under.  I didn’t want to bum anyone out, but i wanted to show you how happy we were to be together and outside.  Even if we occasionally have to drink shitty girl beer.

Rest in peace Brother