1 Jan

I wish I could talk to my Dad just one more time.  Dad died last March, on the Thirty First.  His Alzheimer’s stole his rhetoric in the first three years of the ten year disease.  I loved listening to my father.  Daddy was a good talker.  He specialized in jokes, singing parodies and explaining historical events.  He explained everything from such a wonderful point of view.  He laughed at his own jokes because they were hilarious.  Fart jokes brought this British Gentleman to tears on several occasions and it was beautiful every time.  His laugh was beautiful.  He always asked me how things were.  He was interested in my point of view and then he would advise me from there.  I want to be my Dad more than anything else.  For my Brothers and my Mother and the rest of this strange world.  He was incredible.  He still is but now he’s not here.  I love what he was and what he did more than anything.  He left some big shoes but my feet are growing.  I loved more than anything his advise.  So good.  I don’t get those tips  anymore though, so I have to talk to him differently then when he was still here.  It’s altogether different advise, same principles but different because he’s not here.  I just miss his voice.  My Father lived an incredible life and I’m jealous of how cool he was.  I miss you dad.  You are the reason I smile and I love you.




James Taylor Jardine

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