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Can’t Stop

23 Jun

Fathers Day.

19 Jun

Big things are happening.  Epic, permanent actions and acceptances are happening.  Being accepted as who you are to your old world and your new world, but more importantly to yourself.  Most important is accepting that I am being watched by my father, my maker. He is LIGHTNING and he will be here always.

Happy Fathers Day.

There are rolls of film waiting for me to pick them up, so stay tuned.

Until then, enjoy.


5 Jun

Here’s a few more photographs from last week’s adventure to Possum Kingdom.  Shot on Canonet QL17


Photograph by Chip Tompkins

Deer Possum Kingdom,

3 Jun

Went out west to visit my good pal Chip for a few days.

We built a hell of a damn castle in Possum Kingdom.

And the Deer were quite fond of me too.

More Photos coming soon!