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Appreciation of the Hideous …

18 Feb

“Pop Quiz 7

A lady marries a man from a very wealthy family and they have a baby together and they both love the baby a lot, although as time goes by they become less and less keen on each other, until eventually the lady files divorce papers on the man.  The lady and the man both want primary custody of the baby, but the lady assumes she’ll ultimately be the one to get primary custody because that’s how things usually shake out in divorce law.  But the man really wants primary custody a lot.  Whether this is because he has a strong paternal urge and really wants to raise the baby or whether he just feels vindictive about getting served with divorce papers and wants to stick it to the lady by denying her primary custody is unclear.  But that’s not important, because what is clear is that the man’s whole wealthy and powerful family all line up behind the man w/r/t this issue and think he should get primary custody (probably because they believe that since he’s a scion of their family the man should get whatever he wants — it’s that kind of family.)  But so the man’s family comes around and tells the lady that if she fights their scion for primary custody of the baby they’ll retaliate by taking away the lavish Trust Fund they’d established for the baby at birth, a Trust Fund sufficient to render the baby financially secure for life.  No Primary Custody, No Trust Fund they say.  So the lady (who’d signed a pre-nup, by the way, and has absolutely nothing in the way of remuneration or spousal support coming from the divorce settlement regardless of how the custody issue is resolve) walks away from the custody fight and lets the man and his hardass family have custody of the baby so that baby will still have the trust fund.

Q: (A) Is she a good mother.

(B)(optional)  Explain whether and how receipt of the information that the lady had herself grown up in an environment of unbelievably desperate poverty would affect your response to (A.)


This is an excerpt from Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, by David Foster Wallace, (Back Bay Books 2007.)  This book of short stories and interviews is simply amazing.  (I hope the interviewees are fictitious.  It’s not hard to imagine some of these people actually existing, but for the sake of humanity I hope they don’t.)

Ryan gave me this book while I was visiting last and I haven’t been able to put it down.  My favorite part of this book is the way Wallace challenges you, as the reader to not only create these indifferent characters being interviewed, but you then have to create the interviewer in your mind, not knowing the questions they’re even asking to spark such insane remarks!!!  It’s Genius!  I highly recommend this book.  Whether the installments are a rigorous read or an effortless one, they’re all amazing.

This Made My Day:

21 Jan

Two of my favorite performers in one video.  Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog.  This morning I purchased Steve Martin’s Biography Born Standing Up.  I’ve had the book for 2 hours and I’m already finished 1/4 of it.  I love that.



“Skate Or Die” A Photographic Novel By Luke Lanter

4 Oct

At this year’s 2nd Annual DFWFO Skate Or Die Party We got to see a sneak peek of Luke Lanter’s Skate Or Die Coffee Table Book. He Used several different point and shoot camera’s to capture hours of Drinking, Kick Flipping, Partying and at one point 2 grown men wrestling in their underwear. Luke did an amazing job in capturing, editing and composing the layout of this book. Good ol’ Jason Faries helped with some editing and designing the cover. There’s 3 versions available: Paperback, hardback w/printed dust jacket and a very sharp looking hardback w/glossy image wrapped cover. I’m really proud to be the owner of this book. Luke did a fantastic job making this happen and we did a fantastic job of giving him a reason to want to make the book.

To own your very own copy go here today!

Also, you can see what Luke Lanter is up to here! He’s posting a new photograph each day. Now i have one more reason to get out of bed each morning.

Reading Suggestions.

23 Sep

One of the only good things about summer winding down is the craaaazy nostalgic feeling i get with fall approaching. For some crazy reason, at about this same time, I go on a literary binge and it’s awesome! Maybe I don’t have the time in other seasons or maybe someone should invent water proof paper backs so i can read underwater during the months of summer.

Anyways, give me some fall reading suggestions!!