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Mexico City 3003.

9 Jan

If I haven’t told you already, I recently purchased a 1984 Honda Passport.

Warning, I will be absolutely Infatuated with this machine for quite some time.  If you don’t want to hear about it (you’re an idiot,) then you might want to take off of your bookmarks.

After 3 weeks of searching, Luke and Andrea helped me pick out the perfect scooter for it’s inexpensive economical ride and reliability.  Cosmetically it’s going to be quite the project!  I can’t wait to learn about all the working parts from top to bottom, inside out.  I will start by replacing the tires and inner tubes this weekend.  I will  be documenting eveything I do to M.C.3K3 (What a bad ass acronym!!!!!)  SO STAY TUNED!!!

dsc01373Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you “Mexico City 3003!”