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More Like “Shitter Island!”

22 Feb

I didn’t like Shutter Island.  It looked amazing and the casting was great, It was also long and boring and guess what, Leo’s the crazy one on the island, (OR IS HE?????)

This movie was almost a complete waste of my time except for her:

Absolutely stunning!

Away We Go. 2009

2 Apr

This movie looks nothing short of amazing.



20 Jan

Saturday, after a day of scenic scooter rides and go-kart races, we came home and decided to build a ramp … why the hell not?!



16 Dec

Found this short film on yayeveryday.  It’s a great story and done pretty well.  The story will just make you smile.  It’s a little long but totally worth it.

(also go check out, it’s  a really fun site and a great way to spend the time you’re supposed to be “working.”)


Six Six 60’s.

6 Aug


Ok, so I don’t have much info on this movie release, only that it’s going to be screening at the Granada Theater next Thursday, August 14th and it’s going to be amazing! Justin Wilson edited the trailer and I’m sooooo excited to see it. Hopefully it won’t be a one time screening. I really encourage everyone to go see “One Nation,” maybe we’ll learn something!

One Nation Premiere
Granada Theater
3524 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 824-9933
7pm – FREE