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5 Jun

Here’s a few more photographs from last week’s adventure to Possum Kingdom.  Shot on Canonet QL17


Photograph by Chip Tompkins

Deer Possum Kingdom,

3 Jun

Went out west to visit my good pal Chip for a few days.

We built a hell of a damn castle in Possum Kingdom.

And the Deer were quite fond of me too.

More Photos coming soon!

Brazos River 7.25.2010

3 Sep

Here are the pictures from a disposable water camera I brought along to the Brazos River.

You can click on the individual photos to enlarge them.  Click again to enlarge again.


Chip & Slide

20 Jul

Here are some photos from the front line of Joey, James and Kristin’s Joint Party.


16 Jul

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long.  This summer has been awesome.  I haven’t spent a whole lot of time around the computer, but i did drop off some film.  All photos shot on canonet ql17.  Click on photos to zoom.


Vegas Trip

17 Jun

What a delightful town.

Shot on Canonet.

Really Great work on this one everybody …

Elgin Burning.

17 May

Here are some more photos from our Bonfire in Elgin.  Chip Tompkins got some really radical snaps.


Elgin Texas

30 Apr

Here are some pictures from my camping trip last weekend in Elgin Texas.  We mostly just walked around without shirts or shoes and drank booze and made jewelry all day, sometimes we shot fire arms.  These photograph’s were made possible by my favorite new point & Shoot Canonet.  Thanks Luke!



21 Apr

I haven’t posted any new photography in a while.



8 Feb

I found this gem while perusing one of my photo bucket accounts.  I believe I will grow an amazing beard.

these pictures were taken from the Gazelles Winter ’08 tour.  the pictures take place across the western half of America.