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Things To Buy Me On Or Before May 9th.

7 May

2 More Days of being 26, what an incredible age.  It was the most emotionally complex year of my life.  I lost 2 very important people this year, both of them best friends.  One of them died and the other one dumped me.  Strangely enough I feel a bit more complete in both of their absences.  Losing Chelsea was tough because i couldn’t control the fluctuation of the pain and it seemed to only get worse until the the first day it didn’t hurt.  I missed her at that point, I still miss her but Dolly Parton taught me “A broken heart can’t kill you, but it will make you want to die.”  Being bitter about love lost does no one any good anyways.  If you love someone, truly love them, then you will love them for the rest of your life.  I’m proud of the individual that I have become because of it and I currently have a relationship with a young woman that is incredible in every way.

Losing my father was difficult in a different way.  My Dad’s Alzheimer’s had been hurting us for the past 9 years and when he died so did the suffering and confusion.  In the end it took his life at the age of 69.  From his death another “Individual” emerged from myself, the presence of my father.  If I can be half the man he was and love life half as much as he did then I win.  Hearing stories of my dad’s own triumph’s and tragedies from friends and family across the country helped me stand up out of the sorrow of my dad’s death and start walking forward just like he would have done himself.  He’s half of the reason I’m here and I owe him my life a million times over.  I’ve also gained a new family.  Same people but we love each other on a completely new level now.  We’re closer than ever before.  One of my goal’s as a 27 year old is to be more like my dad.  He’s a total bad ass.

In both of these instances I was immediately surrounded by the love of my wonderful friends.  I am very lucky to have the friends that I do.  So thank you everyone.  Now back to my presents:

Donation to The Alzheimer’s Association

Tribute/Memorial to Ian Taylor Jardine.

I’ve been asking for a hammock for the past 4 damn years … will no one buy me a hammock???

Things To Buy Me On Or Before May 9th.

4 May

The Card To My Heart!

Blue Snowball USB Microphone

Things To Buy Me On Or Before May 9th.

3 May

May 9th is mother’s day, so I want you all to break the bank on yo’ mama’s.  Then your buddy James would appreciate being showered with neat things on account of it being his birthday and all …

Here are some birthday suggestions:

Crazy Heart DVD

Chaco Hiking Sandals

Tickets to Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic.  (Side Note, Happy 77th Birthday Willie!!!!)

1 Day

8 May

Yes!  Effing Crap!  Tomorrow is my birthday.  As you know, we’ll be at Sneaky Pete’s, on Lake Lewisville, all day come rain or shit or shine.

Here are two more last minute birthday gift suggestions:

Let me borrow your boat for a day.  You don’t even have to let me drive it.  But, I call shotgun.

Let me borrow your Water Bicycle.

(note:  I will also accept boat/water bicycle rentals.)


3 Days

7 May

Oh man, oh man, oh man I am getting really excited, and you should too!  3 more days of being 25.  It’s always a kind of funny feeling when your age changes.  You’re always gradually getting older, but when your actual age changes, thats pretty neat.  So, less than 72 hours of my 25 year old self is left.

What should we do?


4 May

Oooh man, things are really starting to heat up here at!!!  Merrell and I are so excited about Saturday.  Mostly because of everyone that will be there, (also there are a ton of sand volleyball courts … )


Here are today’s suggestions for good gifts to make me on my big day:  CAKE!!!

Cake is effing delicious!  I will eat it until I get sick.  I can eat the shit out of some cake!  Here are some cake suggestions and recipes via DoNotClickThat.  Thanks Jesse!

This is one badass tasty morsel of a cake

Make it happen!

8 Days:

1 May

All right you wretched darlings, you.  Here’s the scoop:  Merrell and I are having the coolest joined birthday party of the year and it’s taking place on Saturday May 9th all effing damn day!  We’ll be at Sneaky Pete’s.  If you haven’t been there it’s pretty much amazing.  I know you’re asking yourself “James, what the hell is a Sneaky Pete’s, and why are we spending your birthday there???”

Here’s why :  5 Sand Volleyball courts, 3 Full Service Bars, 2 swimming pools, 1 volleyball pool and 1 Lewisville Lake.  I’m not too sure if we can bring coolers of beer out there, but I recomend it anyways, (we’re crafty as shit, so we’ll figure something out, so bring it and leave it in your car.)  The drinks there are pretty cheap though.


I will constantly remind you over the course of the next week about this epic event.  Plan on spending the entire day there, I will.

Here are some more gift Ideas:


R2 Fish Training Kit AWESOME!!!


Natural Rain Showerhead.  (Ruiz, you can buy this for Us.)


Burn me a playlist of your favorite songs!