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Summer Snapz

4 Jul

need to stop by the film lab.



2 Jul

This epic photo was taken by Denise Bailey.

Can’t Stop

23 Jun

Fathers Day.

19 Jun

Big things are happening.  Epic, permanent actions and acceptances are happening.  Being accepted as who you are to your old world and your new world, but more importantly to yourself.  Most important is accepting that I am being watched by my father, my maker. He is LIGHTNING and he will be here always.

Happy Fathers Day.

There are rolls of film waiting for me to pick them up, so stay tuned.

Until then, enjoy.

Cat Mystics Rule.

31 May

This one is great.



Well Hello.

29 May

I haven’t blogged in a while.

That just means I have a lot to catch you up on.


(click on images to enlarge.)

Photo by Chip Tompkins

This next one is titled “Blind Date”

Lots of neat stuff happening this summer.  Stay tuned.


Happy Birthday Texas!

2 Mar

Today is the 175th Anniversary of the signing of The Texas Declaration of Independence.  At this time in history we were still constantly getting into it with Santa Anna.  We were not a part of the Union and we wouldn’t be for almost another decade.  We were our own country, our own Republic.  At the time The Republic of Texas was it’s own island surrounded by an overbearing union of states, a violent dictator and thousands of miles of un-civilized, savage land.


I’m really glad this is my native land.  I appreciate it for it’s nature and diverse terrain and it’s people.  My dad moved here from London England in the late 60’s and he never wanted to leave.  I’m glad he didn’t.


So Happy Birthday Texas!


Leaving Town.

28 Jan

Going to Jardine Ranch in beautiful Elgin Texas.  As soon as I’m out of class I am on the road!


I will be making a quick pit-stop at Carl’s Corner.  Pictures soon.


Have a good/fun/safe weekend y’all!




This Just In …

20 Jan

Heather Svokos from The Star Telegram did a really nice article on yours truly.


You can read it online here.


They even put my dumb face of the front!



Scrabble Nap.

3 Jan

I am the champion of Scrabble Naps.  Margo is helping my saw some logs in this picture taken by Colton Batts.


Happy New Year!