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Poker Night.

3 Feb

Just recently had a poker night with some buddies from work.  It was a very relaxed game in that we took the time to familiarize 2 newbies in how to play Texas Hold’em.  The roster of mavericks included: Brantley, Tony Schwa, Josh Romero, Slim James and 2 dogs named Cheech and Chong.

Josh, of TheBocaLibre, got a few snippets of our poker game turned into salsa dancing.  Enjoy the video and check out!

Book Club:

27 May

I love book clubs, mostly this one though.


(quick note, the editing and the sound in this video is really impressive.)

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Oh Finney …

12 May

I found this little piece of gold on my computer last night.

This video clip needs very little exposition, all you need to know is that we were all drinking at Fort Tits and Weston Finney is about to fall down.


Play Him Off Keyboard Cat.

11 May

Just found this site Play Him Off Keyboard Cat.

Just go watch these.  It’s like cuteoverload and failblog all in one.  The best part is, you know how they end, but the endings don’t get old!

How To Have Sex In The Office And Not Get Caught.

2 Apr

Another gem I found on the Denver Egotist.


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Somebody’s Commercial Is Givin’ Me Chills …

24 Mar

Here’s a pretty amazing Heineken ad I found on The Denver Egotist.  (A really great site that appreciates good advertising.)

I really appreciate the Stock footage feeling, the antiquated costumes, settings and the subtle transition to a present day setting.  I think I’ll have a Heineken in a few hours.


I’m Ready For Summer and The “Baggage” That Comes With It.

25 Feb

Here’s a delightful tune the Surf Punks released in 1980.


via: Warriors Of Radness