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Black Taxi-ICE EATER-Boyfrndz-Cleanup-The Fibs

8 Nov



19 Mar

This is going to be a really great day of Music in Beautiful Fort Worth.  Some of the best acts in Fort Worth will be playing their songs to benefit Doctors Without Borders to aid in the ongoing medical attention needed in Haiti.

All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.  It’s going to be a blast.  Can’t wait!  Everyone come out!!!

More info here.

My Hood.

30 Mar

I moved into the Historic Electric Building one month ago.  I really missed living in an actual apartment Building.  I’m allready beginning to miss having a backyard and animals but most importantly I miss having a Barbecue Grill.

However, I’m intrigued on a daily basis by Downtown Fort Worth.  It’s nice living in a place that is appreciated by it’s inhabitants.




Stay Classy Fort Worth!

Thursday: Salsa Dancing and Tasing Your Friends.

5 Dec

Last night the lovely Chelsea Craft and I embarked on an evening of casual drinking at one of our favorite Fort Worth Establishments Embargo.  We were greeted by my favorite Bar Tender in all the land, Mr. Chance.  I’ve heard rumors of Embargo’s Thursday night festivities but wrote them off, not wanting to be anywhere close to Sundance Square on Thursday evenings.


(Thursday Night’s, or “Thirsty Thursday,” in Downtown Fort worth is usually incredibly packed with Bro’s of every shape and size.  sorry Chas.)

Upon arriving at Embargo I was incredibly impressed with the Live music.  At any time, there were at least 6 musicians onstage cranking out the sharpest Salsa Tunes I’ve ever heard!!!  The Drummer was like Animal from the muppets, the Saxophone player made his intricate melodies seem like the easiest job in the world.  There was one guy up there that only played percussive instruments I’ve never even seen/heard of before!  Each musician had something to say, both trading off vocals and harmonizing together like really cool hip Salsa Birds.

What layed before the stage were dozens of couples (maybe a bakers dozen is more accurate,) all simultaneously moving.  Twisting, dipping, spinning, stomping … it was all so god damn sexy I couldn’t believe it!  Chelsea and I watched for at least 3 numbers.  Each dancer seemed to leave their problems or worries about anything at the threshold of this bar and did nothing but dance with each other.  Some couples would switch partners at the beginning of a new song and it appeared as if they have been dancing together forever.  Then, at the beginning of the next number they’d switch partners again and not miss a beat.  Everyone involved looked as if they had carefully calculated each move.  It looked so effing Proper.  It was incredibly entertaining to watch and I will definately be attending the free Salsa lessons next Thursday evening.  They’re free and it looks like an amazing time.

After Embargo I thought we would head home and call it an evening but there were friends in the Turnout that greeted us with more cold beers and stories of their day.  Earlier that morning Johnny, Rachel and I were discussing how much it would cost to let someone tase me with Rachel’s taser.  I agreed on $20 but insisted that Johnny was too broke to front that kind of money at the time being.  Twelve hours later we were in the same place talking about the same thing but drunk enought to actually do something about it.  Rachel retrieved her Taser from her purse and snapped the trigger just for a second to demonstrate how angry that little hand held device was.  A very fine stripe of whitish purple flashed across the top from one tooth to the other.  It was so bright you would expect it to cast a shadow against the wall.

We restarted our original conversation from the beginning, “how much would it cost to get tased on the leg for only a second?”  Before we could even establish a hypothetical price worth sending 16,400 volts through our body, Stephanie had already volunteered to be first and I was going to be the one to tase her.

There is a video that Riz captured of a few tasings.  Hopefully that will surface soon because I honestly don’t remember much after the initial round of tasings.  All I know is that it pulls your legs right from underneath you and puts you on the floor.

Wings of an Angel

20 Jul

Friday, like many nights of the week my friends Johnny Stomp, Robbie Call and Weston Finney were hit with a massive retarded craving for some Buffalo Wings. It was Friday night and not just any buffalo wings would do. I then knew what needed to be done, so we loaded into the car and proceeded west on I-30 to PAPA’S BURGERS Oh my fucking God are their Buffalo Wings amazing.


Their burgers are some of the best in Fort Worth but the jurisdiction of their Buffalo wings spreads across the land. The texture of the wings are crsipy at first as the tangy aroma of the buffalo sauce enters the room … of your mouth! First bite sends you into a whirlin derbish of delite because the crispy texture turns juicy as the meat of the chicken wing slides of the bone into your mouth leaving you drunk with satisfaction. I could eat the shit out of Papa’s burgers wings 365 days a year, not joking. If you’ve never been before, i highly recommend trying it soon, and while you’re in the area give your ol’ buddy James a call and we’ll go drop some mother fuckers all night long.