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My First Slam Dunk Contest.

13 Feb

It’s NBA All Star weekend here in Dallas and my good buddy Hance entered me in Centre’s Slam Dunk Contest.  I was kinda worried about it at first, but I just found out I’ll be competing against a girl.

The Contest will start at 3pm at Centre‘s Annx, Located next door to my old shoe shop.

I went and practiced my moves a little while ago and I only got hit in the face once with the ball.  It’s going to be a good time.

You’re An Idiot For Not Having One …

8 Jan

If you didn’t already know, We here at the shop released our firts Official Centre Tee.  We collaborated with Can Cloth Clothing and the end result is nothing less than TOTALLY BAD ASS!!!  Philip and Hance took their time brainstorming and constructing this print.  (I put my two cents in at the last minute, completing the final product you see today! *James pats  himself on back*)   We printed close t0 55 Tees and less than a dozen remain in the shop.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw this print doing some really big things really soon, so hurry up and grab your before we’re out!!!