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Mystery film …

14 Feb

I dropped a few rolls of film off this morning, one from the Holiday in New York Chelsea and I took last weekend, and the second roll is a complete mystery roll.  Well, it’s not a complete mystery, seeing as I’m the one that took all of the pictures, but I’ve managed to take pictures at a way quicker rate than I develop them.  I’d really like to learn to develop film.  Do you know how?


Stay tuned for some photo fun this afternoon, and in the mean time, Luke has updated his site with a few new photographs.  Click on the photo of Luke Lanter and he will take you the rest of the way!  Be sure to leave him tons of comments on his photography.  Something along the lines of “Post more photos Luke!”


Dumont Dunes, Nevada

27 Jan

Luke just sent me an email with a few pictures from his weekend.  They were taken at Dumont Dunes, about 2 hours outside Las Vegas.

These pictures are pretty amazing!  To see more great photography go to Luke’s site Here!





Movember 2008: Success!

1 Dec

Hi Guys.  This last Saturday was our First attempt at a Movember Mo-Town Mustache Party at Rubber Gloves in Denton Texas.  We Raised almost $600 that evening, putting our grand total for the month over $1,000!!!!  This is sooo exciting for me and everyone that was involved should be as thrilled as I am.  We’ve done a really good thing and we’ve managed to have a good time, like we usually do, along the way.

If you missed the festivities on Saturday, I kinda feel bad for you.  Performances by Bangs, Yeah Def, SHVRZ and It’s What We Get kept us entertained all night.




The actual Pageant itself was quite entertaining.  Some really good looking (and some not as good looking,) Mo’s graced the stage but not all could be crowned “Mo Of The Year.”  The judges whittled down the competitors down until Three remained:  Ian Bangs, Weston “Fingers” Finney and Dr. Colin Jardine.


After awardine Ian Bangs witn the 3rd place Movember Goblet/Coffee Mug it was down to 2 last staches.  Unbeknownst to a room full of captivated mustache spectators they were about to witness a Tie Breaker for the Titans!  Yes!  Dr. Colin Jardine and Weston “Fingers” Finney tied for first but if there’s one thing we like more than winners, it’s losers, and someone had to lose!  The tie breaker lying before our 2 last contestants would change their night FOREVER!  The first contestant to chug an entire pint of Miller Light would be named the Firts Anual Rubber Gloves Movember Man of the Year!




Colin ended up beating the pants off Weston, but both were rewarded for their efforts and their dedication this month in raising awareness and profits for mens health.

I personally could not have made this event happen without the help of so many people.  Our sponsors: Centre, Matrimoney Clothing, Luke Lanter, Gordon and the Whale, Movember and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, we thank you so much for contributing your time, products and help.

Stephie Ya Know did an amazing job in the photobooth!  Her pictures are posted here!

Adam also got some really great shots that you can see here!

If you still fell like donating to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, or know someone that might be interested then please follow this link Here.  We can continue to recieve donations until December 9th.  We’ll Take any amount you feel like donating.

Thank you again so much to everyone that contributed to this cause.  This means more to me than I can express and I can’t wait till next year!  Thank you again.



“Skate Or Die” A Photographic Novel By Luke Lanter

4 Oct

At this year’s 2nd Annual DFWFO Skate Or Die Party We got to see a sneak peek of Luke Lanter’s Skate Or Die Coffee Table Book. He Used several different point and shoot camera’s to capture hours of Drinking, Kick Flipping, Partying and at one point 2 grown men wrestling in their underwear. Luke did an amazing job in capturing, editing and composing the layout of this book. Good ol’ Jason Faries helped with some editing and designing the cover. There’s 3 versions available: Paperback, hardback w/printed dust jacket and a very sharp looking hardback w/glossy image wrapped cover. I’m really proud to be the owner of this book. Luke did a fantastic job making this happen and we did a fantastic job of giving him a reason to want to make the book.

To own your very own copy go here today!

Also, you can see what Luke Lanter is up to here! He’s posting a new photograph each day. Now i have one more reason to get out of bed each morning.

Just in time for the weekend.

11 Jul

Another summer weekend is upon us. Will we fill it with chlorine water and sunscreen or barbecue and beers? Which ever you decide, do me a favor and indulge in excess! It’s been a long week and you deserve it. We’ve almost reached the halfway mark of summer it seems but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to Create summer memories and destroy our creative brain cells.

I thought these next two videos would get you in the mood for an exciting weekend. The first is a short little number my best friend and yours Luke Lanter sent to me this morning. The latter is courtesy of Johnny Stomp entitled “Whiskers vs. Craig” starring yours truly. (listen closely to the dialogue throughout the clip. If there’s one thing we’re good for it’s good drunk dialogue.)

I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I know you’ll enjoy these videos! Be safe Kiddos!