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MYSTERY ROLL #1 (Konica.)

14 Feb

So I’ve got an entire shelf of film at my house that are just waiting to be developed, and of course I didn’t label any of them.  My goal is to get them all developed over the course of the next couple of months.

The first  roll is a COMBO ROLL!!!  There were several events that wound up on this particular roll.  The 2nd Annual Skate or Die Party, Gazelles Playing the Mohawk in Austin and a few shots from the Gazelles Video shoot.













Mystery film …

14 Feb

I dropped a few rolls of film off this morning, one from the Holiday in New York Chelsea and I took last weekend, and the second roll is a complete mystery roll.  Well, it’s not a complete mystery, seeing as I’m the one that took all of the pictures, but I’ve managed to take pictures at a way quicker rate than I develop them.  I’d really like to learn to develop film.  Do you know how?


Stay tuned for some photo fun this afternoon, and in the mean time, Luke has updated his site with a few new photographs.  Click on the photo of Luke Lanter and he will take you the rest of the way!  Be sure to leave him tons of comments on his photography.  Something along the lines of “Post more photos Luke!”

“Skate Or Die” A Photographic Novel By Luke Lanter

4 Oct

At this year’s 2nd Annual DFWFO Skate Or Die Party We got to see a sneak peek of Luke Lanter’s Skate Or Die Coffee Table Book. He Used several different point and shoot camera’s to capture hours of Drinking, Kick Flipping, Partying and at one point 2 grown men wrestling in their underwear. Luke did an amazing job in capturing, editing and composing the layout of this book. Good ol’ Jason Faries helped with some editing and designing the cover. There’s 3 versions available: Paperback, hardback w/printed dust jacket and a very sharp looking hardback w/glossy image wrapped cover. I’m really proud to be the owner of this book. Luke did a fantastic job making this happen and we did a fantastic job of giving him a reason to want to make the book.

To own your very own copy go here today!

Also, you can see what Luke Lanter is up to here! He’s posting a new photograph each day. Now i have one more reason to get out of bed each morning.

Sunday Funday 8.3.08

5 Aug

Another memorable summer Sunday funday went down yesterday without a hitch at Ruiz and Maren’s apartment in Fort Worth yesterday. I drank 8 Mountain Dew’s over the course of the day. Friends, Swimming, Volleyball and Hot Dogs … It doesn’t get much better than that!