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Happy Birthday Texas!

2 Mar

Today is the 175th Anniversary of the signing of The Texas Declaration of Independence.  At this time in history we were still constantly getting into it with Santa Anna.  We were not a part of the Union and we wouldn’t be for almost another decade.  We were our own country, our own Republic.  At the time The Republic of Texas was it’s own island surrounded by an overbearing union of states, a violent dictator and thousands of miles of un-civilized, savage land.


I’m really glad this is my native land.  I appreciate it for it’s nature and diverse terrain and it’s people.  My dad moved here from London England in the late 60’s and he never wanted to leave.  I’m glad he didn’t.


So Happy Birthday Texas!



19 Mar

This is going to be a really great day of Music in Beautiful Fort Worth.  Some of the best acts in Fort Worth will be playing their songs to benefit Doctors Without Borders to aid in the ongoing medical attention needed in Haiti.

All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.  It’s going to be a blast.  Can’t wait!  Everyone come out!!!

More info here.