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For The Sake of Blarguing.

30 Sep

So I slept like shit last night, and so far this week hasn’t been the most phenomenal week ever. However, I’m really in a good mood this morning. I was awake and at work earlier than usual (which I don’t mind necessarily,) but I’m quite chipper considering things are just “o.k.” I Tagged a Bathroom Wall this weekend. Actually it was more of a dialogue than anything. Two people were having it out on a men’s room tile wall when I decided to put my two sense in.

The first guy to say anything has a good point. I could definately go for some more science. (I’m assuming these are ale male authors because we were in the guy’s bathroom, but you never know.) Then the second guy writes in fucking silver marker!!! That asshole couldn’t settle for a regular sharpie like the rest of us, he had to make that shit Silver.

I love it!

Have a good day friends.


29 Sep

This weekend was too much fun. Probably the most interesting weekend I’ve had in a while. Work was fun on Saturday, then we went to see the Gazelles at XCW on Saturday night … shit was crazy! I got to wrestle my room mate Stephanie in a real life wrestling ring. Who beat who is not important, what is important is that I wrestled Ben Shawver and beat him. There’s footage of me clothes lining him on someone camera phone. You better believe that will be posted soon.

Sunday we watched the Cowboys game at Jason’s parents house in Southlake. Good Company was Plentiful yesterday. All Get Out spent the day with us due to an auto accident the night prior. It sucks that their trailer was mutilated, but I’m glad I got the chance to meet them all. They’re incredible guys (not unlike myself,) and their music is pretty amazing too.

Hopefully everyone has an amazing week.



27 Sep

My brain is absolutely buzzing right now with creativity. This is really exciting. I haven’t felt creative like this in quite some time. I’ve got great ideas that i’ve been writing down. I think it’ due to all the pot i’ve been smoking lately, (Thanks Colin.) I have on project that I’ve been working on for Gazelles that I’m really excited. I just need a pay check soon so i can buy a few more supplies (does anyone have a printing press that they would like to teach me to use?) I also keep thinking of really funny comic strips that i’ve been doodling down that I will try to scan and post soon!

If you’re reading this than I encourage you to really encourage me. I can be quite flaky and I want nothing more than to actually create all this fun cool shit. It’s always nice to know that your friends are interested in what you’re up to. I’m really excited about a lot of stuff right now.

Now Try this on for size:

Diesel: SFW XXX Fashion Firm Makes Me Want To Wear More Denim.

26 Sep

I am so proud of whoever is in charge of Diesel’s new Ad Campaign, Such a good commercial. This looks like it was so much fun to edit. Good luck getting the Harmonica Riff out of your head!


This Baby is a Synthesizer.

24 Sep

I randomly found this. It’s pretty amazing once you get past the first 30 seconds.


Reading Suggestions.

23 Sep

One of the only good things about summer winding down is the craaaazy nostalgic feeling i get with fall approaching. For some crazy reason, at about this same time, I go on a literary binge and it’s awesome! Maybe I don’t have the time in other seasons or maybe someone should invent water proof paper backs so i can read underwater during the months of summer.

Anyways, give me some fall reading suggestions!!

Chemical Brothers “Midnight Madness”

23 Sep

I found this post on the Denver Egotist. Please go check this site out! It’s been my favorite for the past few weeks, (if you haven’t noticed already.)

For the release of Chemical Brothers new single Midnight Madness they asked fans around the world to contribute their Photos, Videos and artwork expressing their own individual “Midnight Madness.” Pretty cool right? BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! Chemical Brothers then teamed up with Google Earth and located the exact geographical location of each clip they decided to use! How Radical. What a great idea!



22 Sep

Luke emailed this link to me. This is such an incredible comic by Phil McAndrew. The story is pretty effing good.


This Plant is Pretty Fly.

22 Sep

So I decided that I am going to start growing Venus Fly Traps. Did you know that the Venus Fly Trap is an herb? I love herbs! I had one when I was probably like 11. My mom got it for me for my birthday and I was so incredibly excited. It lived for a while but eventually wilted and died. (oops.) I originally thought it had died because it ate a delicious spider but I learned this morning that Venus Fly Traps effing love spiders!

This video is pretty impressive. I’m tempted to try to make one of these videos with the venus fly trap that I will be purchasing and raising soon.


Gas Signs Truth in Advertising.

19 Sep

Donny Miller recently released this video. I think it’s neat.