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Kixpo II

25 Jul

Hey. This event is going to be radical! It’s basically like the ultimate swap meet for Sneakers, Street wear, Sports Wear and Apparel. It will be this weekend, Saturday July 26th from 2-7PM at Life in Deep Ellum.

Unfortunately I will not be there because I will be floating down the Guadalupe river drinking myself stupid, but Philip and Hance will be at the Centre booth handing out free copies of Antenna Magazine and Puma has given us several pairs of shoes to give the fuck away!



23 Jul

This video I just love so much! If you know me at all then you know I love Muppets more than humans most of the time. This is a video of Kermit the Frog endorsing Supreme NY. Terry Richardson photographed the shoot, who is also someone I like more than most humans. Enjoy!

It’s a Hit!

22 Jul

Sooooo me and my younger brother Colin Jardine were really lit together one night last week and this song just came out of Colin’s mouth. He completely made it up on the spot and it’s an amazing ballad of Today’s world. Politics, Crime, Religion and Racism are just a few of the topics that the song covers.


I hope you enjoy “3-D WORLD”

Duct Tape Douche Bag

21 Jul

I have very few pet peeves, but the thought of a sticker, glue, or tape on my skin gives me the chills. The thought of putting duct tape in particular on my skin is the worst out of them all. But this guy is too fucking funny.

This video is pretty poor quality but it gives you more exposition on how radically retarded this guy really is.

and one more thing: Hooray for Tape analogies!!!!

Wings of an Angel

20 Jul

Friday, like many nights of the week my friends Johnny Stomp, Robbie Call and Weston Finney were hit with a massive retarded craving for some Buffalo Wings. It was Friday night and not just any buffalo wings would do. I then knew what needed to be done, so we loaded into the car and proceeded west on I-30 to PAPA’S BURGERS Oh my fucking God are their Buffalo Wings amazing.


Their burgers are some of the best in Fort Worth but the jurisdiction of their Buffalo wings spreads across the land. The texture of the wings are crsipy at first as the tangy aroma of the buffalo sauce enters the room … of your mouth! First bite sends you into a whirlin derbish of delite because the crispy texture turns juicy as the meat of the chicken wing slides of the bone into your mouth leaving you drunk with satisfaction. I could eat the shit out of Papa’s burgers wings 365 days a year, not joking. If you’ve never been before, i highly recommend trying it soon, and while you’re in the area give your ol’ buddy James a call and we’ll go drop some mother fuckers all night long.


20 Jul

So I got some more tattoo work done the other day. The one and only Jeff Brown of Hold Fast Tattoos did an amazing job on my new mermaid. If you’re looking to get any work done soon I highly recommend him for any style of tattoo you’re getting. He does great custom work.

Jeff layed down the black ink and started shading. I’ll be going back to him in a few weeks to get the color done, and i can’t wait!




Oktomat Photographs.

19 Jul

We were playing around with the ol’ Oktomat Camera by Lomography and here’s what came out. I shot 24 exposures and only 5 of them came out. But I am really dumb when it comes to capturing images on film.