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Changing things up.

9 Jun


Picture 1

Centre’s new website dropped yesterday and I’m writing under a column titled D.I.Y. or Die!  this site is suuuuuper sick so go check it out and let me know what you think!!!!



Centre 2 Year Anniversary.

6 Jun


Blog About a Blob.

6 Jun

After all this time I still can’t get enough of this video.  I’m not sure who I like more, the little girl that experiences what it’s like to have the wind knocked out of her for the first time, (in water.)  Or the adult that ruins this child’s sleep away summer camp experience FOREVER!

All Hail the Blob!

I Love Older Women.

5 Jun

Especially these two bangin’ babes that stopped by The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon.

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Humans Working For Robots Working For Humans.

4 Jun

The past few months have contained the busiest most backwards turn of events I ever thought I could handle.  In a time of “recession’ I’ve managed to keep myself busier than I ever thought myself capable of.  The perks can be considered income, aquaintance or experience.  The real reward has been realising what I am capable of IS NOT what I’m limited to. 


In real life everything is a job, anything worth having is worth working for.  I think my strongest trait personally is seeing the optimistic side of things, believing in all the good talents and traits my friends have and helping them utilize them.  That’s the most rewarding thing to see, your friends succeeding.  That’s all I want is for us all to find what we’re looking for and appreciate it for all it’s worth when we find it.


This is the best way to express how i feel right now.  It seems rather appropriate.  (Rule #1:  If you aren’t willing to give yourself a chance or believe in yourself, then nobody else will, you’re fucked.)




My Favorite New Show

2 Jun

If you guys were not aware, last night at 10:30 central time Conan O’brien made his debut as the 5th host of The Tonight Show.  It’s been only weeks since he handed down his Late Night Legacy to Jimmy Fallon but it feels like I haven’t heard Conan’s voice in years.  The intro was epic followed, by a hilarious tour of Universal Studios with Conan literally leading a group of tourists around in circles.  And to top it all off Conan and Andy Richter are once again Co-Workers.

I am more excited for television than I think I ever have been, (except for you Music Television.)  I still haven’t gotten the cable installed in my apartment and frankly I don’t see any reason too.

Here’s an excerpt from last night’s show with some guest named Will Ferrell


So That’s What Happened to the Bean Bag Chair …

2 Jun

This is a pretty good music video for Skeleton Boy by Clemens Habicht. You can’t really go wrong with black spandex, some double sided tape and a few Bean Bag Chair organ donors.Enjoy

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